Steve Cradock is attacked in Edinburgh...

Ocean Colour Scene guitarist STEVE CRADOCK got into a fight with a fan in EDINBURGH last night (September 5).

The mod rockers, who recently signed a new record deal with Sanctuary Records, were performing at the Playhouse Theatre. The stage was invaded by fans several times, and during one such incident, one of the invaders appeared to square up to Cradock, who, according to onlookers, appeared on the verge of retaliating when security intervened.

On fan who was at the concert said: “It was a great gig as usual. Four or five stage invasions though, with one so-called-fan squaring up to Steve.; He was about to deck the boy but the security (who were pathetically slow) intervened.


“Steve then went to the mic and said “We’re here to do a fucking gig. There’s only four of us we are outnumbered. You’re the best audience Scotland, it’s just a couple of dickheads that try and spoil it.”

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