Ocean Wisdom reconnects with Dizzee Rascal on new song ‘Blessed’

There's money up for grabs if you can spit Wisdom's verse

Brighton rapper Ocean Wisdom has released a new song ‘Blessed’, a rapid-fire bar showcase featuring Dizzee Rascal.

The collaboration – the pair’s second, following ‘Revvin’’ off Wisdom’s 2018 album ‘Wizville’ – and its car-centric music video arrived yesterday night (August 13). Dizzee kicks the Dark Heart production off and handles the chorus, later passing the baton to Wisdom for a self-assured, characteristically high-speed verse. Watch the video here:


‘Blessed’ is Wisdom’s second release of 2019 following the track ‘4AM’. Both singles were released on the rapper’s own label, Beyond Measure Records. The new songs roll out the red carpet for a new Wisdom project, which he shed some light on in an interview with DJ Target on BBC Radio 1 Xtra yesterday.

“I like to look at rap like a sport. And when you look at it like a sport, there’s real skills and attributes to be gained if you spend time on it,” Wisdom said. “That’s what I’m trying to do with this project, just push that home. I’ve been practising.”

Wisdom also talked about how he met Dizzee, and how they share a similar work ethic: “When we go the studio, we work very well because we work hard and in the studio, we take it serious. We’ll chat, but it’s not a joke. We’re there to do serious stuff.”

His ‘Blessed’ verse, Wisdom said, “might be the most technical I’ve ever written”. And though his skills on the mic might be hard to match, the rapper wants to see people try: He’s offering £500 to the first person who films themselves rapping his ‘Blessed’ verse in full with no mistakes. The offer lasts a week. If you’d like to give it a shot, head to Wisdom’s Instagram story for the lyrics.