It's a transatlantic big rock love in...

Melissa Auf Der Maur has revealed her wish-list of musicians to play on her second album – and she’s looking to the UK for inspiration.

For this year’s solo debut, the former Hole and Amplifier[/a], and Manchester’s Oceansize and Cooper Temple Clause.

She said: “This whole year I’ve been looking for new musicians, new blood to bring into my community of sound-lovers. In fact, Amplifier, Oceansize and Cooper Temple Clause, my three favourite of recent British bands, all three bands I would be very, very curious about finding a moment or two with them.”


She even went as far as to lay down some demos with the Cooper Temple Clause when they played together on last months Curiosa touring festival of the US. “Amplifier we just did three and a half weeks of touring with them, we became one as a band, we were living in parking lots, bus to bus as neighbours, so we actually did some recording on the Curiosa backstage. Robert Smith set up recording stuff to make a little collection of sounds of all the musicians on the tour, I hooked up with some of Amplifier – they’re guys I want to make sounds with.”

Meanwhile, Amplifier invited Oceansize to support on her UK tour earlier this year. She told NME.COM: “It all started with me hearing their ‘Neon’ single and loving it, and it was my idea to locate this mystery band for my UK tour, so I invited them to play with me for the totally selfish reason that I could see them live, just out of sheer music excitement! Oceansize are all about mood and guitar tones and about energy without it being aggressive and stupid, and just being like, soulful rock heaviness, and psychedelic, They do more than most three-pieces could ever accomplish.”

She is pictured above at the Carling Weekend Leeds festival with Oceansize bass player Neil Mahony and Cooper Temple Clause drummer Mark Heron.

Amplifier plans to return to Canada and make the album at the end of the year, after completing American tours with HIM and Von Bondies. “I just met them outside for the first time,” she said, “we’re about to embark in like, sharing bus, sharing gear, sharing – really intense, becoming one for a month and a half, touring America with Von Bondies. So we basically do that for a month and a half, and then HIM invited us, so we go back until Christmas. By the time the new year comes around then I can hibernate in Canada, start writing and recording my new record.”