Listen to Odd Future rapper Mike G’s ‘Mike Check Volume II’ mixtape

Long-awaited sequel mix features Young Thug and Tyler, the Creator

Odd Future member and rapper Mike G has today released a new mixtape through his Soundcloud page.

Mike G is part of the famed Odd Future collective, but has now taken a front row seat with Mike Check Volume II, the sequel to Mike Check I which was released back in 2009.

According to Pitchfork, the brand new mixtape features collaborations with fellow rappers Young Thug and Obie Trice[a]. Production on mix track ‘Texas’ comes from Odd Future leader [a]Tyler, the Creator (although billed as Ace, the creator on the mix’s tracklisting). You can stream the mix now in the Soundcloud player below.


Earlier on this month, Young Thug also released a mixtape (February 2) entitled ‘Im Up’.

The latest project from Thug was released on February 5 and features the already-shared Boosie tribute ‘F Cancer (Boosie)’. It also includes special guests Lil Durk, Migos’ Quavo, and another from Migos’ Offset project.

The mixtape can be purchased in full from Apple Music, Meanwhile, the album is also available to stream in the Soundcloud player below.

Originally, the mixtape was called ‘Slime Season 3’, intended as the follow-up to last September’s Slime Season mixtape and November’s Slime Season 2. After a Twitter feud with Future, however, Thug announced the album’s title changed to ‘I’m Up’.


In January, Young Thug compared Kanye West to ’50 Shades of Grey’, as a way of explaining that he finds the high-profile hip-hop star “interesting.”

Talking to Sway In The Morning the day after he confirmed the release of his new mixtape ‘Slime Season 3’, Young Thug also commented on Kanye’s forthcoming album ‘Swish’.

Thug said “Kanye’s like 50 Shades of Grey. He’s interesting. You want to be like, ‘I want to be around him, let’s see.’ He’s interesting and he’s really into music, he really is. He don’t interview you or nothin,’ he’s just like ‘come on, listen to these beats, listen to these songs, I might put these out’.

“He lets you just—he opens up fast. I think he’s a guy almost every man would want to be, or would want to be like, or would want to be in that direction, including me. He’s cool, caring. He has a real work ethic. If I was in his position, I’d still work, but I wouldn’t work as hard as him.”

Watch the Young Thug interview from Sway In The Morning via YouTube, below. Kanye comes up at around the 17 minute mark:

Thug also revealed some form of collaboration with West, saying “he made me sign some papers, so I don’t know if I can tell,” but effectively confirming some kind of team up in the process.