Odd Future respond to claims they beat up 17-year-old fan

Rap collective say fan threw the first punch after altercation at San Antonio showhttps://www.facebook.com/home.php

Rap collective Odd Future have responded to clams that they beat up a 17-year-old fan at a gig in San Antonio.

According to TMZ, Chassan Rasagi filed a police report after he was allegedly attacked by the group after jumping onstage at the gig on December 8, where he was thrown back and forth between the stage and the crowd. You can watch a video of the incident below.

Odd Future have since responded to the allegations, with representatives for the group telling Pitchfork that Rasagi threw the first punch. They also sent over a series of screen-grabs of tweets that they claim are from Rasagi’s Twitter account in which he seemingly acknowledges that he threw the first punch and mentioned the paycheck he would get from suing the group: “I’ll remember to send you a picture of the check when I get it,” the tweet from the screen-grab says. The Tweets do not appear on the account’s timeline.

The rap collective have been involved with several other run-ins at their live shows. Last year, ‘Left Brain’ Vyron Turner denied that he had slapped a female photographer at a festival in New Orleans. A gig in Boston earlier this year was shut down by the police. The group also caused controversy at Leeds Festival after beating a bound and gagged blow-up doll onstage.