Syd Tha Kyd says she was ‘depressed’ on tour with Odd Future

The Internet member describes life on the road with rap group in new interview

Syd Tha Kid, member of R&B/neo-soul group The Internet and one of the main producers in Odd Future, has discussed being on tour with the rap group, stating that her struggles with depression prevented her from truly embracing life on the road.

Speaking to The Guardian, she explained: “I was very depressed when I was on tour with them and it stopped me from being able to be a part of anything”.

Syd also continued to explain that atmosphere in the Odd Future camp was sometimes strained: “Everybody in Odd Future is their own artist, they have their own friends and their own ideas for things, so we all spent quite a lot of time separated. It was not the kind of environment where somebody says: ‘Hey, I’m gonna get some food – you wanna go?’ It was more like, ‘Oh, so and so went to get some food – damn. I wish I would have went’.”


When asked about an incident Hodgy Beats allegedly defecated into a bag and “tried to show it to everyone”, Syd responded that “it had a little bit to do with that, for sure”. “But I wasn’t a happy enough person to be there,” she added.

With Odd Future rising to fame when most of the members were still in their teens, Syd admitted that life on the road could have been easier had they been older. “The last time I DJed with Odd Future was in London when we opened up for Eminem at Wembley stadium [in 2014], and it was good to be back with everybody. But it also showed me that I made the right decision starting my own situation. It was like: ‘OK, cool, this is better now that I’m not depressed but I still don’t necessarily want to be here.'”

NMERichard Johnson/NME

Syd’s comments follow tweets from the group’s de-facto leader Tyler The Creator earlier in the year, who ignited rumours of Odd Future’s demise by tweeting, “although its no more, those 7 letters are forever”. It was thought that he was referring to the ‘OFWGKTA’ initials.

Responding to speculation a day later, Tyler tweeted: “All I was doing was looking at old photos with friends and thinking about how time flies, crazy how one tweet can stir so much”. Later, however, Earl Sweatshirt said Tyler had been “solidifying the obvious”.

Reacting to this news, The Internet member Matt Martians told All Hip Hop: “It needed to be said, because I think it’s important for our progress, and other people in Odd Future’s progress, to shed that name. It’s a badge. It’s a great thing. Everything has to move on. Everything has to have closure.”

He added: “I think what rose from that is what really matters. A lot of great careers spawned from that, and a lot of great careers will continue to spawn from that.”


Elsewhere in the Guardian interview, Syd discussed meeting Adele, saying: “She was so nice. I was kind of surprised. I was working with Odd Future and being the female DJ to the crazy rap group was, like, a thing and so I guess the people at the label told her about me. It was some holiday, and everyone was having barbecues and parties so XL had a party at their office and we were all there. I had actually fallen asleep in some random office, and when I woke up there was a party going on downstairs and somebody said: ‘Hey, Syd, Adele wants to meet you!’ I was, like: ‘Oh my god! Why me?'”