Odd Future reveal first episode of reality series ‘Loiter Squad’ – watch

Rap collective's new TV show is now online

The first episode of Odd Future‘s TV show Loiter Squad has been posted online – scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to watch.

The show, which includes such skits as ‘Backyard Gator Wrestling’ and ‘Dental Hygiene with Dr. Mohammed The Armless Dentist’ as well as a comical song called ‘I Like Cheese’, premiered on US cable channel Adult Swim last weekend (March 25) and has now been posted on YouTube.

All episodes of Loiter Squad will last 15 minutes and will feature the group performing sketches, man on the street segments, playing pranks and performing some of their tracks, and has been put together by Jackass producers Dickhouse Entertainment. It is expected to be made available to watch in the UK on Adultswim.co.uk in the near future.

Reaction to the show on Twitter has been mixed, with @wolfganggoblin writing: “I’m going to die from laughing so much, Loiter Squad is seriously the funniest thing I have watch!!!” while @aamyamyamy said: “So I finally watched Loiter Squad. That was great.”

Other users weren’t so kind, however, with @Choco_Dompreh describing the programme as “such a disappointment” and @jesusxdon scathingly commenting: “Saving Private Ryan is funnier than Loiter Squad.”

Odd Future released their new album ‘OF Tape Vol 2’ on March 19. Earlier this week (March 25), Lionel Boyce was identified as arrested as the group’s member who was arrested at their Boston show on March 21. He was apparently apprehended by police after he helped restrain fellow member Jasper Dolphin from jumping off a second-storey balcony.