Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator speaks out after vandalism arrest

Odd Future man also says he can't understand 'why rappers talk about jail like it's cool'

Odd Future‘s Tyler, The Creator has defended himself in the wake of his arrest on vandalism charges last week.

The rapper was arrested after he allegedly trashed sound equipment at Odd Future‘s Christmas show at the Roxy in Los Angeles last Thursday (December 22). He was handcuffed and led away by police in front of his mother, who had been at the Roxy to see the rap collective’s gig.

Writing on his blog, Tyler has said that he trying to draw the attention of the venue’s security staff to two injured female crowd members and became frustrated that no member of the security team seemed to be attempting to help.

He wrote: “I was on the piano playing the breakdown, only to notice that the music and sound was low, lights went off and that shit wasn’t right. I get up, look, and notice that it was two girls hurt. I grab my mic to tell the crowd to come calm down and inform security, but I then find out the sound dude turned everything off.”

He continued: “So I’m onstage pointing my mic to tell sound dude to turn it up, he’s shaking his head. I keep doing this for at least 70 seconds until I get fed up and run over to him through the crowd. I jump on his soundboard and say ‘Nigga turn my fucking mic up these bitches are hurt, let me tell the crowd to calm down, they listen to me’ and this nigga goes on saying he doesn’t have control.”

He continued further: “I keep asking, we go back and forth. I kick the plexi glass and stomp on the cheap ass soundboard, then throw my mike on the floor. I walk outside to like 20 cops, helicopters, shotguns and some other shit.”

The rapper then detailed his experiences of his night in prison and said that he couldn’t understand why rappers talked about “jail like it’s cool”.

He said: “Jail is really cold, I had no socks on. I’m fine though, bail was a lot even though I didn’t hurt anyone, I damaged some shit and I don’t know why rappers talk about jail like it’s cool. Oh my God I would go crazy.”

Tyler, The Creator is about to start work on this third album, ‘Wolf’. The follow up to 2010’s ‘Goblin’ is set for a May, 2012 release. He has promised that the new LP will see him move away from the gruesome subject matter of its predecessor, as “talking about rape and cutting up bodies” doesn’t interest him anymore.

Odd Future play their biggest UK tour to date in April next year.