Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator enters spat with Tegan And Sara over homophobia

Canadian duo had hit out at rapper over provocative lyrics

Tyler, The Creator has stepped into a new spat with Tegan and Sara over apparently homophobic lyrics.

Sara Keirsten Quin from the Canadian duo wrote a blog post on their site Teganandsara.com taking issue with the provocative nature of the Odd Future leader’s rhymes.

She wrote: “While an artist who can barely get a sentence fragment out without using homophobic slurs is celebrated on the cover of every magazine, blog and newspaper, I’m disheartened that any self-respecting human being could stand in support with a message so vile.”


The openly gay singer continued: “As journalists and colleagues defend, excuse and congratulate ‘Tyler, The Creator’, I find it impossible not to comment. In any other industry would I be expected to tolerate, overlook and find deeper meaning in this kid’s sickening rhetoric? Why should I care about this music or its ‘brilliance’ when the message is so repulsive and irresponsible?”

She went on to criticise the music community for not calling the rapper out: “Is Tyler exempt because people are afraid of a backlash? The inevitable claim that detractors are being racist, or the brush-off that not ‘getting it’ would indicate that you’re ‘old’ (or a faggot?) Because, the more I think about it, the more I think people don’t actually want to go up against this particular bully because he’s popular.”

Tyler was quick to respond, apparently provoking Sara further. He posted on Twitter.com/fucktyler: “If Tegan and Sara Need Some Hard Dick, Hit Me Up!”

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