Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator arrested in Los Angeles

Rapper accused of disturbing the peace yesterday (May 10)

Odd Future‘s Tyler, The Creator was arrested yesterday (May 10) afternoon in Los Angeles on a charge of disturbing the peace.

According to Rapradar.com the rapper was arrested after playing a live show at Westchester High School in Los Angeles. The details of his offence were not revealed – he was held for a short time and was released in time to perform at the city’s Troubadour club last night.

Tyler tweeted his reaction to his arrest on Twitter.com/fucktyler, writing: “Fuck cops. Fuck police. Fuck you all I hope you all die. I will never respect you. Pigs. Fuck those cops. Had us in cuffs for no reason, didn’t do shit. Disturbing the peace, loitering and skating pass a cop. What the fuck?”


Tyler, The Creator‘s new album ‘Goblin’ was released on Monday (May 9). He will return to the UK as part of Odd Future for a three-date tour in July.

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