Two people injured by rogue firework during Odesza’s set at Life is Beautiful Festival

One person was reportedly hit in the stomach, while another was struck in the eye

The firework finale of Odesza’s set at Life Is Beautiful festival last night (September 23) reportedly misfired when a rogue rocket flew into the crowd, hitting two audience members.

One person was allegedly hit in the stomach and the other person in the eye. Both festivalgoers were treated at the scene for minor injuries, according to law enforcement sources. [via TMZ]

The Seattle electro duo regularly wow festival audiences with their elaborate pyrotechnical displays, meaning many people were filming last night as the fireworks exploded to close the show.

Fans at the Las Vegas-based music festival posted videos of the incident, calling for the festival organisers to take responsibility for the mishap.

One member of the crowd wrote: “That shit was terrifying. I hope the people that were in that area are okay. Straight up.” Another audience member took to Twitter to ask the festival “is anyone going to take responsibility?”

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that a pyrotechnic fell over when the firework unit malfunctioned, causing a spark to shoot out into the crowd – rather than up into the air.

The festival also included sets from the likes of Arcade Fire, Florence and the Machine, The Weeknd, St. Vincent, and Travis Scott.

NME has contacted Life is Beautiful Festival for further comment.