Ofcom receive 59 ‘race discrimination’ complaints about Roman Kemp on Capital Breakfast after BTS comments

Ofcom will not be pursuing the complaints further

Media watchdog Ofcom have reportedly received 59 complaints for ‘race discrimination and offence’ against Capital Breakfast host Roman Kemp, in relation to his comments relating to BTS.

The presenter was forced to apologise after comments he made about the South Korean band upset listeners back in September.

“That was BTS and Nicki Minaj, that noise you were just hearing there,” he said after playing the single ‘IDOL’, before co-host Vick Hope replied: “That song. Oh Roman, please, I didn’t say anything.”


Presenter Sonny Jay then added: “I thought there [were] construction workers outside.”

The comments soon saw scores of their fanbase, The BTS Army, take to social media to bombard the presenters and the radio station with complains. Now, it has emerged that Ofcom reportedly received 59 complaints of ‘Race discrimination/offence’ against Kemp and the show.

The media regulator says that they have assessed the complaints, but will not be taking the matter further.

An Ofcom spokesperson told NME: “We considered complaints about the presenter’s description of a song by the Korean group BTS.

“In our view, the presenter was expressing a personal opinion about the music, which was not racially motivated.”

Explaining the context of the complaints, Ofcom said confirmed that they receoved 59 complaints alleging that Roman Kemp’s description of the Korean K-Pop group BTS’ song ‘IDOL’ as “noise” and “construction works” was xenophobic – but that they did
not “identify any explicit racial inference from Roman’s description of the track”. Ofcom also added that this did not raise any issues under the Broadcasting Code.


Following the flurry of initial complaints, Kemp soon issues an apology.

“The comments I have made have been widely twisted and labelled as something that they are not,” he told followers on social media. “I will accept 100% responsibility if some of the views I put across have been deemed offensive and to those I can only apologise. No offence was ever meant.

“It’s never my intention to garner negative energy for anyone let alone within the world of music that I love so dearly. However comments have started to now be aimed toward not only myself but my family and loved ones, I would please ask for this to stop.

He added:”I am sorry to anyone who may have been offended by any comment I have made toward BTS. I ask all BTS fans to know in their hearts that I have never thought anything negative of the band nor would I wont to stop the joy of spreading music.”




Meanwhile, BTS Member RM has announced details of a second solo mix tape.

RM’s latest output will be titled ‘Mono’ and features seven songs and several collaborations.

British electronic duo HONNE produced new track ‘Seoul’, while ‘Bad Bye’ is a collaboration with eAeon and song ‘Pass By’ is a collaboration with indie rock band Nell.

BigHit Entertainment tweeted the news of the upcoming release to their eight million followers, accompanied by a picture of the list of new songs and the caption “#RM #mono. Tracklist”.

K-pop sensation BTS, of which RM is a member, then retweeted the news and added that the new tracks will be released on October 23.