Offset detained after alleged confrontation with Donald Trump supporters

The Migos rapper was following his wife Cardi B through Beverly Hills when the incident took place

Migos rapper Offset was detained by police yesterday (October 24) after an alleged confrontation with a number of Donald Trump supporters.

Documenting the incident on Instagram Live, Offset, who was following his wife Cardi B through Beverly Hills, was detained by Beverly Hills Police after he alleged that Trump supporters were banging their flags on his car during a protest.

“We were told that you guys were waving guns at people,” an officer can be heard saying to the rapper in the clip.


“You just watched somebody beat my car up with a flag. What are you talking about?” Offset replied.

Another officer told him not to move and open the car door, to which Offset responded was illegal. “You can’t just open my door,” he said. “It’s illegal and I’m going to sue the shit out of y’all, do you know who I am?”

Watch a video of the incident below:

According to SPIN, a spokesperson for the Beverly Hills Police Department told them that Marcelo Almanzar (Cardi B’s cousin) was arrested on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a loaded firearm in public. His bail is set at $35,000.

A video later surfaced that appears to show Offset being released after being detained for questioning.


In a separate series of videos shared on her Instagram Stories, Cardi B posted footage from the protest.

Last week, Cardi B deleted her Twitter account after receiving backlash from fans for reconciling with on-again, off-again husband, Offset.

The rapper announced she was done with the platform during an Instagram Live last Saturday (October 17), where she called out fans for criticising her relationship.

“A whole bunch of 15-year-olds telling me how to live my life like I’m mother fucking Ariana Grande or something. Like I came from Disney or something,” she said in the video, which has since expired.

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