Offset responds to backlash over claims that Cardi B is the reason female rappers exist

Fans pointed out all the female rappers that had come before her

Offset has responded to the backlash around him suggesting Cardi B is the reason female rappers exist.

The Migos member made the comments on Twitter last night (April 4), saying the Grammy winner had given “y’all hoes hope to not suck dick the rest of ya life and catch money.” He appears to have deleted his initial tweets. 

His followers weren’t impressed with the tweet and pointed out to the rapper that he seemed to have forgotten about all the female rappers who came before Cardi, like Missy Elliott and Nicki Minaj, or those that had carved their own niches.


Offset then clarified his comments, saying: “Not talking bout prior female artist talking bout the female artist that come from my wife background. Every bartender stripper with the dream of getting out the club it’s nun wrong with that but my wife help guide ur life to try to rap all u dumb ass ppl at home on couch tweeting suck my balls not talking bout established artist like the legands and the ones before Cardi.”

He continued: “The same ones hate are motivated by the wife she did the unbelievable.”


The rapper continued to tweet about the subject today (April 5), saying he had been “talking bout you hoes that start rapping this year and last”. He added: “tweeter y’all can’t make me mad I’m rich as a mf.

“And my bitch still number one after u get done typing now go back to work for u get fired we set my kids set I own properties and my mama rich too we having u typing mostly black ppl against they own smh u want your own ppl down but I don’t care.”

Earlier this year, Offset expressed his regret over getting involved in a spat with Chris Brown over a 21 Savage meme. A brief beef between the rappers broke out after 21 Savage was detained by ICE in February for violating the conditions of his non-immigrant visa. When he was arrested, it was revealed that the star was born in the UK, not Atlanta as previously thought, sparking a glut of memes online about the rapper.

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