OFRA HAZA 1959-2000

The Israeli superstar, who had a 1980s UK chart hit with 'Im Nin'Alu', in mystery death...

Ofra Haza, Israel’s first international pop star, died on Wednesday of organ failure at a hospital in Tel Aviv. She was 41.

It’s not known what lead to her illness as the singer had told hospital staff not to disclose any details.

Ofra Haza blended Jewish devotional poetry with dance beats, most notably on her only UK hit ‘Im Nin’Alu (‘If The Gates Of Heaven Were Locked’). The Guinness Book Of Hit Singles lists it as reaching number 15 in 1988.

Keen on privacy, Haza hit the headlines in 1987 when she survived a small plane crash.

Her most recent work was when she sang the role of Moses’ mother in the animated film ‘The Prince Of Egypt’.

Ofra Haza is survived by her husband, Doron Ashkenazi.