Watch OH MY GIRL sing hits by BLACKPINK, The Ting Tings and more

For their recent appearance on the ‘Song Association’ series by ‘ELLE’

K-pop girl group OH MY GIRL have made their first appearance on ELLE’s popular video series ‘Song Association’.

During the segment, the K-pop act revisited songs from their debut self-titled mini-album, including the title track ‘Cupid’ and the intro song ‘Oh My Girl!’. Elsewhere in the video, the girl group also performed hit songs from Western pop stars such as ‘We Walk’ by British duo The Ting Tings, ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ by Rhianna and Beyoncé’s ‘End Of Time’.

OH MY GIRL also sang their own renditions of tracks by fellow South Korean musicians, including ‘Feel Special’ and ‘How You Like That’ by K-pop groups TWICE and BLACKPINK, respectively. They also shouted out BoA by singing her song, ‘No. 1’.


Elsewhere during the segment, the group also talked about the musicians and fellow idols they would like to work with in the future. Member Mini said that “if it were possible”, she would choose to collaborate with Justin Bieber.

Meanwhile, Binnie chose IU as her dream collaborator. “There are really too many K-pop artists to choose from. But the artists who comes to mind right at this moment is IU,” she added. “If we collaborated, I think I’d be fun. I feel like the music we create would be different and new.”

OH MY GIRL are the latest K-pop act to appear on ELLE’s ‘Song Association’ series, following CRAVITY, ENHYPEN and aespa in May.

Last month, OH MY GIRL released the music video for ‘Dun Dun Dance’, the title track of their latest mini-album ‘Dear OHMYGIRL’. The disco-inspired song was co-written by Seo Ji Eum, who also co-wrote the group’s 2020 breakout hit ‘Nonstop’, alongside hitmakers Ryan S. Jhun, Scot Stoddard and Anna Timgren.

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