“Oh, that’s how that’s supposed to sound!” Slipknot’s Jim Root praises replacement drummer ‘Tortilla Man’

"You don’t know what you’re missing until you have this other thing happening"

Jim Root has spoken highly about Slipknot’s new bandmember, ‘Tortilla Man’.

The guitarist with the metal legends—who released their new album yesterday— said in a cover interview with NME that their mystery percussionist “absolutely is killing it because he hits those drums so hard”.

Slipknot Download

Slipknot perform live at Download 2019

Root clarified, however, that his remarks should not be read into as disparaging of past members.

“It’s just, it’s weird. I’m not trying to take anything away from, you know, previous members, but you don’t know what you’re missing until you have this other thing happening and it’s like, Oh, that’s how that’s supposed to sound!”

Root continued: [Tortilla Man] hits those drums so hard. In the new stage [set-up], he’s kind of above me to my right a little bit, and I can hear his drums without putting him in the monitors. His timing is impeccable, he locks in with the band really well and his backup vocals are great.”

Slipknot Tortilla Man

Slipknot’s new member Tortilla Man

The guitarist praised the musician in spite of the band’s official stance to not comment on their newest member.

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This comes after percussionist Chris Fehn’s departure in March. He’s since filed a lawsuit against his bandmates citing withholding of payment.

Slipknot's Chris Fehn

Chris Fehn

Elsewhere in the interview Root said he would love to headline Glastonbury with his band.

“I would absolutely love to do that. I listen to metal, I’m a metalhead, but I also listen to Muse and Jethro Tull and Beatles and Stones, that’s kind of like where my heart is, and Glastonbury exists in that world.”