OK Go unveil drone-shot ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ video – watch

The band have a history of making inventive promos

Ok Go have unveiled their latest video.

Click above to watch the promo for ‘I Won’t Let You Down’, which is the second single from the band’s new album, ‘Hungry Ghosts’.

OK Go have received widespread plaudits for their creative music videos, including the 2010 promo for ‘White Knuckles’, which featured the band and a collection of well-trained dogs, and the treadmill-dance video for ‘Here It Goes Again’. The ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ video was filmed in one shot on a “multi-copter” drone camera.

The video sees the US band travelling on motor scooters made by Honda, which part-funded the promo.

Last month, the band accused Apple of plagiarising their video for ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’. Earlier this year, OK Go unveiled the promo, which made use of optical illusions. However, as Billboard reported, they felt that Apple copied the concept for a video used in its launch event in September, when the company revealed the iPhone 6 and iWatch in California.

The band’s manager, Andy Gershon, told Bloomberg Businessweek that the group had met with Apple in April this year to pitch the video as a collaborative concept. Apple declined the offer but then hired the production team behind OK Go’s video, 1stAveMachine, for its own promo.