Ok Go reveal new video plans

The band aim for another YouTube hit

Ok Go have revealed the plans for their eagerly awaited new video for forthcoming single ‘Do What You Want’.

Having made the world’s inboxes groan as previous lo-fi videos for ’ A Million Ways’ and ‘Here It Goes Again’ become email and Youtube hits, the band are aiming to clog up the internet again.

The original treadmill clip for ‘Here It Goes Again’ has been viewed over 10 million times thanks to the band’s amazing online presence.

Fans passed the one-take video across the internet after Ok Go filmed it at their local gym free of charge – and have since earned a Grammy nomination for it.

The video for ‘A Million Ways’ was similarly successful, featuring the group dancing in their backyard.

Both videos have even spawned a host of copycat fan videos across Youtube.

Now, speaking to NME.COM, Ok Go admit they’re going for basic charm again for new single ‘Do What You Want’

“It’s the most basic setup you can get,” explained Damian Kulash. “One camera shot, one room, one background, no tricks – its about achieving as much diversity as you can within that one shot.”

A sneak preview of the clip reveals the new video features the band’s trademark fussy wallpaper background, with the quartet garbed in the same pattern head to toe in the foreground.

The band then squeeze as many actions and dances as possible into the clip, hoping that it will follow its predecessors around the globe’s computers.

“It’s great to use videos as more than a promotional tool but as a creative idea,” added Kulash.

A release date for single ‘Do What You Want’ is yet to be confirmed.

You can see the band’s previous online hits now:

‘Here It Goes Again’

‘A Million Ways’