OK Go fill ‘The Writing’s on the Wall’ video with optical illusions – watch

Latest video from US band involved them moving into warehouse for a month to complete filming

Ok Go have revealed their latest one-take music video, this time filing the promo for ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’ with optical illusions.

The band have received widespread plaudits for the use of music videos, including their 2010 promo for ‘White Knuckles’ which featured the band and a collection of well-trained dogs, and the treadmill-dance video for ‘Here It Goes Again.’

This latest video accompanies the first single from the band’s new album ‘Hungry Ghosts’ and was co-directed by the band’s frontman Damian Kulash. OK Go moved into the Brooklyn warehouse where the video was made for a month and helped design various camera rigs to shoot the video.

“It’s about that moment in a relationship when you realize it’s coming to an end and that it’s inevitable,” Kulash told Wall Street Journal about the video and how it relates to the song. “It’s that feeling of having something coalesce and fall apart, like chaos and order. The song is melancholic and jubilant at the same time, and it felt like the illusions were a good visual corollary to that.”

“We knew people would be watching, trying to figure out what it means,” Kulash added. “The objects couldn’t be too plain, like cardboard or plywood, which ‘wouldn’t have felt like it was made up of pieces of the real world,’ or clothes, which ‘had too much meaning.'”

Despite racking up millions of views over various videos, Ok Go manager Jamie Kitman previously compared making money from YouTube to “finding change in the street”, saying that it is not a business model for bands.