All of OK Go’s video embeds including ‘Here It Goes Again’ pulled from YouTube

Band apologise for EMI removing embed function from their videos

Ok Go have apologised after their record label EMI stopped their videos on YouTube from being embedded on a fansite.

In a message posted on the band’s official website,, the band’s frontman Damian Kulash explained that the label had made the decision because under their deal with YouTube they do not gain royalty payments from plays of the band’s videos that are embedded on other sites.

The band’s video for their 2006 song ‘Here It Goes Again’, featuring a choreographed dance routine from the band members on treadmills, was an enormous viral hit thanks to in part to YouTube.

“We’re sorry,” he wrote. “We wish there was something we could do. Believe us, we want you to pass our videos around more than you do, but, crazy as it may seem, it’s now far harder for bands to make videos accessible online than it was four years ago.”

They added: “Here’s the bottom line: EMI won’t let us let you embed our YouTube videos. It’s a decision that bums us out. We’ve argued with them a lot about it, but we also understand why they’re doing it.

“They’re aware that their rules make it harder for people to watch and share our videos, but, while our duty is to our music and our fans, theirs is to their shareholders, and they believe they’re doing the right thing.”

The band’s videos are still embeddable from some video sites includingVimeo. Click below to watch the promo for their new single ‘This Too Shall Pass’.

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo.

href=”″>OK Go – This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo.