The net is closing in on the fugitive rapper after his onstage appearance with the Wu-Tang Clan...

Police in the USA have stepped up the search for fugitive WU-TANG CLAN rapper OL’ DIRTY BASTARD after his appearance on stage with the group on Tuesday night (October 22).

According to reports on [url=]www.mtv.com, New York police believed he was in California, having fled a rehabilitation centre in the state last month.

Bureau chief of narcotics trials for Queens, New York, Ken Holder, who are prosecuting ODB (real name Russell Jones) on crack cocaine allegations, pointed out: “It’s not like he’s public enemy number one.”

But he said that now the police were aware of his presence in the city, it was likely he would be caught. “I don’t think anyone had any information that he was in New York until last night (Tuesday). We thought he was in California.”

Los Angeles deputy district attorney, Michael O’ Gara, who prosecuted him for parole violations, added: “They can’t hide him forever.”

When he joined the Clan on-stage at the Hammerstein Ballroom at the launch of their new album ‘The W’, leaving fans flabbergasted, there were numerous officers outside the venue, but he left without being arrested, declaring: “I can’t stay on the stage too long tonight, the cops is after me.” It was the first time the Clan had been onstage in its entirety in three years.

ODB faces warrants for drugs charges in Queens and Brooklyn, and is wanted in California for going AWOL from the Impact House rehab centre in Pasadena, after serving a six-month sentence for violating his probation by drinking alcohol.