A bizarre posting on the Wu-Tang Clan website warns of the potential consequences if anything bad happens to their mate while in prison...

A bizarre posting on the official WU-TANG CLAN website claims that OL’ DIRTY BASTARD believes “a conspiracy is in effect to kill him”.

As reported yesterday on NME.COM, the eccentric Wu -member was sentenced to between two to four years behind bars after pleading guilty to a 1999 charge of possession of crack cocaine.

Now, a posting on the group’s official website at, warns that if anything happens to ODB while in prison, “his family, his thirteen children, and Wu-Tang will seek full retribution in a civil resolution.”

The statement reads: “Ol’ Dirty Bastard fears his life is in jeopardy and that a conspiracy is in effect to kill him. Many people see him as this off the wall, slightly insane and funny character and do not take him seriously. If something happens to him in the midst of his prison stay after he has continually tried to warn us, then it will not be a laughing matter.

“These concerns have been presented to the DA and prison officials have been alerted to the threat to his life…if something happens while ODB is in the custody of these officials, his family, his thirteen children, and Wu-Tang will seek full retribution in a civil resolution. ODB has informed his wife to sue New York City and the government for … billions.

“This is reality, and if something happens while he is in their custody then we cannot laugh, and if he survives his stay with the impending threat to his life over his head, we all can sigh with relief and laugh about another ODB episode, but this is not a ruse to seek attention and there is a chance that ODB will no longer be with us. The question remains, how many hiphop legends do we stand by and watch be annihilated by local, state, or government institutions?”