Rapper involved in shoot-out with New York Police, could face life sentence...

Wu Tang Clan‘s Ol’ Dirty Bastard was freed on $150,000 bail on Saturday after pleading not guilty to attempted first degree murder and attempted second degree murder following a gun battle with police in which the rapper may have been involved.

Police claim that ODB – aka Big Baby Jesus aka Osiris aka 29 year-old Russell Jones – and companion Frederick Cuffie were stopped while driving around in Brooklyn, NY and then started shooting at police. The police claim that they returned fire after being shot at. Nobody was wounded or killed.

ODB was arrested immediately but Frederick Cuffie ran and was captured a few hours later.


ODB has undergone paraffin tests to find out if he has fired a gun recently. No firearms were recovered from the scene of the alleged crime.

ODB could face a sentence of 35 years to life imprisonment if found guilty.

The latest arrest caps off a long period of run ins with the law which has seen him arrested for shoplifting and answering charges of “terrorism” for threats to an ex girlfriend.

‘Wu-Chronicles’, an album of new, rare and unreleased material will come out in March featuring various Wu-joints including ‘Hip Hop Drunkies’ by ODB and The Alkoholics.

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