The rapper could be looking at yet more prison time...

Rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard could be looking at yet more prison time after reports he has fled a drug-treatment facility in the US – in violation of his probation conditions.

According to reports on US website [url=]www.sonicnet.com this morning (October 25), the Wu-Tang Clan rapper ran away from Impact House in Pasadena, California, the facility where he has been since June, while on route to a courthouse in LA.

Michael O’Gara, Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney, told reporters: “He physically ran away. It’s my understanding that ODB‘s counsellors were taking him to court to discuss his program with the judge.”


“No one knows where he is. He decided he’d had enough of the program, and he left,” added bureau chief of narcotics trials for the Queens, New York, district attorney Ken Holder.

As a result, a ‘bench warrant’ has been issued against the troubled rapper. According to various US news reports, the Impact House facility are unable to restrain patients, as it is not a secure facility.

According to [url=]www.mtv.com, a “no-bail” warrant was issued on October 17 at the Los Angeles Superior Court, so once found and arrested, ODB will not be eligible for bail.

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