The fugitive rapper is finally apprehended in a Philadelphia McDonalds...

Rapper Ol’ DIRTY BASTARD has been caught and returned to custody.

The Wu-Tang Clan star, on the run for over a month since he fled a drug rehabilitation programme in California, was arrested by police in a McDonald’s restaurant car park in south Philadelphia at 4.17pm (EST) yesterday afternoon (November 28).

According to reports in the US press, police were called to the McDonald’s on Greys Ferry Avenue in the city after the restaurant manager feared a disturbance when a mob fans on recognising ODB crowded round him seeking autographs. The manager didn’t know who the star was at the time.


When police approached ODB, real name Russell Jones, he initially mistook them for autograph hunters and moved toward them before spotting their guns, realising his mistake and making for his car.

He was quickly arrested.

ODB is alleged to have presented a fake ID card on his arrest but told police his real name when they asked for it.

He was in custody last night in a Philadelphia police cell awaiting extradition to either California or New York, wanted on different charges in both states.

ODB sensationally joined the rest of the Wu Tang onstage at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom last week (November 21) despite heavy police presence outside the venue. “I can’t stay onstage too long tonight – the cops is after me. Y’ know, the whole fuckin’ world is still after me,” he said.

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