3,000 mourners attend the rapper’s funeral in Brooklyn…

OL’ DIRTY BASTARD’s funeral took place yesterday in BROOKLYN and was attended by nearly 3,000 mourners (November 18).

The service at the Christian Cultural Center in Canarsie featured metal detectors at the door and even a VIP section with the rapper’s cherry wood coffin ringed by a red velvet rope.

Co-founder of the Wu-Tang Clan, ODB – real name Russell Tyrone Jones – died on Saturday (November 13) at a Manhattan recording studio. Coroners have yet to determine a cause of death.


Although according to his brother and collaborator Raison Allah, (aka Zookeeper), ODB had just finished a drug rehabilitation programme and was living clean, he added: “His body just wasn’t strong… he had a lot of stress.”

Amongst the mourners was singer Mariah Carey, who recorded ’Fantasy’ with ODB in the mid-90’s.

According to the New York Post, the star – wearing a black suit dress and dark sunglasses – approached the coffin, looked inside and left quickly.

Also in attendance were members of the Wu-Tang Clan and rapper Kurtis Blow. Dress code at the service ranged from traditional hip-hop attire and furs to the more traditional funeral black.

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