Oliver Malcolm shares ‘The Machine’, a new song inspired by ’70s British punk

Malcolm's debut EP is set for release this autumn

Swedish-born, London-based artist Oliver Malcolm has shared a new single, ‘The Machine’, his fourth release this year.

The track was premiered on BBC Radio 1’s Indie Show with Jack Saunders last night (July 15) and was inspired by the bands coming out of the UK punk scene in the late ’70s – The Clash being one specific example.

A video for ‘The Machine’ is on the cards. Stream the song below:


In a statement, the young producer described ‘The Machine’ as a “revolt against the social institutions that prioritise material and financial gain above all else”.

The new release follows on from Malcolm’s previous handful of singles – ‘Kevin’, ‘Helen’ and debut ‘Switched Up’ – and ahead of his debut eight-track EP, set for release this autumn.

In an interview with NME in May, Malcolm said he doesn’t want his music to sound like the “same shit as everyone else”.

“Everyone else is already doing that, and it’s fucking atrocious. So I’m like, ‘Alright, let me try and do something new here’. Then people might be a bit excited about where music is going in the future.”


When he’s not releasing his own music, Malcolm collaborates with other artists including Joey Bada$$, MF Doom, Tinashe and AlunaGeorge.

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