Olivia Rodrigo performs ‘Drivers License’ for the Grammy Museum

The viral hit continues to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart

Olivia Rodrigo has performed her breakthrough single ‘Drivers License’ for the Grammy Museum’s online streaming service Collection:live.

Unlike the recorded version, the new, stripped-back performance, features just Rodrigo and her piano. Watch the clip below, or visit the Grammy Museum’s website.


Alongside the performance, Rodrigo spoke to interviewer Scott Goldman about the success of the single and her recent challenge to write music on a daily basis.

“Before quarantine, it was always kind of a, ‘Oh, if I have a spark of inspiration, then I’ll write a song. I’ll just vomit all of my feelings onto my piano keyboard.

“But doing that challenge kind of really taught me how to have creativity as a tap and be able to work on something and kind of craft something from the ground up, even if you’re not feeling particularly inspired.”

‘Drivers License’ reached the top of many singles charts around the world, including the UK and Australia, in addition to the Billboard Hot 100. Speaking to NME last month, Rodrigo reflected on the viral hit, which she said was mostly written within an hour.

“I truly don’t feel like my brain can process all of it, I see all the numbers, but it doesn’t really sink in totally, I’m sort of in a state of disbelief,” Rodrigo said.

“But the craziest thing to me is also seeing the song being heard in real life. People send me videos of them driving and they get to a stoplight and the person next to them is blasting ‘Drivers License’ in their car, and I’ve got a couple of videos of people who’ll be on walks around their neighbourhood and a specific house will be blasting ‘Drivers License’ through the windows!”


Rodrigo’s performance for the Grammy Museum follows another live rendition of ‘Drivers License’, performed last week on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which marked her debut TV performance.