Olivia Rodrigo reveals tracklist for ‘Guts’

The singer's highly anticipated second LP will feature 12 songs

Olivia Rodrigo has revealed the full tracklist for her forthcoming second album ‘Guts’.

The pop singer teased the reveal yesterday (July 31) by posting an Instagram video showing an aerial view of her in a bedroom unpacking boxes and adjusting items. The end of the clip featured a snippet of a new track and showed her typing up “‘Guts’ tracklist” on a typewriter.

Today (August 1), Rodrigo shared a new video that revealed the entire tracklisting for her next album. ‘Vampire’, the LP’s lead single, is listed as the third track among 12 new songs such as ‘All American Bitch’ and ‘Bad Idea Right’.


The video also includes scenes showing a can of soda with the word “Bitch” on it, letters addressed to “258 get him back drive” and a bookshelf featuring titles like “How to mother your own boyfriend”, “Manifesting a text back”, “Why waiting on the phone for him works” and “How to always pick the wrong one”.

‘Guts’ is set for release on September 8 via Geffen. Visit here to pre-order the album and check out the full tracklist below.

‘Guts’ tracklist is:

  1. ‘All American Bitch’
  2. ‘Bad Idea Right?’
  3. ‘Vampire’
  4. ‘Lacy’
  5. ‘Ballad Of A Homeschooled Girl’
  6. ‘Making The Bed’
  7. ‘Logical’
  8. ‘Get Him Back!’
  9. ‘Love Is Embarrassing’
  10. ‘The Grudge’
  11. ‘Pretty Isn’t Pretty’
  12. ‘Teenage Dream’

The LP is the follow-up to Rodrigo’s Grammy Award-winning debut album ‘Sour‘. In a four-star review of the LP, NME wrote: “When your first release is a track as ubiquitous as ‘Driver’s License’, it must be tough going to make a whole album that matches up. For the most part, Rodrigo has passed the bar she set on that single, sharing with us an almost-masterpiece that’s equal parts confident, cool and exhilaratingly real.”

In other news, Rodrigo recently revealed that she almost removed the stinging “fame fucker” lyric from ‘Vampire’.

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