Former Kaiser Chiefs drummer working with Olly Murs

Nick Hodgson was introduced to the pop singer by ex-Ordinary Boys frontman Preston

Former Kaiser Chiefs drummer and songwriter Nick Hodgson has been writing for popstar Olly Murs.

Hodgson revealed that he was working with Murs in the Daily Star, saying that the pair were introduced by former Ordinary Boys frontman Preston, who also writes for the singer.

“I’ve known Preston since the Kaisers supported The Ordinary Boys when we started out,” said Hodgson. “He phoned to see if I fancied writing with them, and it was an interesting idea. We got a great song out of it. I hadn’t met him before, but I liked Olly a lot.”

At the start of the year, Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson said that he had “cleared the air” with Hodgson, who quit the Kaiser Chiefs at the end of 2012. At the time, Hodgson explained to NME that he’d always planned to leave the band by the age of 35. He now works full-time as a producer and songwriter at his ‘Chewdio’ studios in east London. He commented: “I’d always thought I’d do it. I like studios a lot, I like producing, I like finding bands, I like working with bands, I like writing songs. And now I can do them all.”

Kaiser Chiefs released their new album ‘Education, Education, Education & War’ on March 31.