OMEGA X find new home after leaving SPIRE Entertainment

Their new company IPQ Corp is known for producing the K-BL series 'A Shoulder to Cry On'

K-pop boyband OMEGA X have signed with a new K-pop agency after leaving SPIRE Entertainment.

IPQ Corp announced yesterday (July 3) that it has signed an “exclusive contract” with the group. The company is known for producing the Korean Boys’ Love series A Shoulder to Cry On, which starred OMEGA X members Jaehan and Yechan.

“Our agency will not only support OMEGA X’s activities as an idol group but also expand individual members’ activities in various fields such as acting, musicals, broadcasts, and solo and unit activities as well as [partaking in] original soundtracks,” IPQ Corp said in a statement to MBC, as translated by Soompi.


“We will protect the members by [taking] strong legal action without any settlement or leniency against intentional slander or defamation toward OMEGA X with the resumption of their scheduled activities,” the company added.

The announcement of the exclusive contract comes about two months after OMEGA X officially terminated their contracts with SPIRE Entertainment. At the time, the group had called the contract termination “amicable and mutual”.

The mutual decision had come after a months-long dispute over OMEGA X’s contracts, following allegations that SPIRE Entertainment’s ex-CEO Kang Seong-hee had verbally abused and manhandled members of the boyband.

Allegations that Kang had abused the boyband first surfaced in October 2022, when SBS News published a number of video clips said to depict Kang verbally abusing and manhandling members of the group.

Shortly after these clips went viral, the band launched a new, independent Instagram account, where they claimed they were subject to “unwarranted treatment” from SPIRE.

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