OMEGA X terminate their contracts with SPIRE Entertainment

The boyband called the agreement "amicable and mutual"

K-pop boyband OMEGA X have officially terminated their contracts with SPIRE Entertainment.

Today (May 8), the 11-member group took to their official Instagram account to announce that they and SPIRE Entertainment have mutually agreed to terminate the boyband’s exclusive contracts.

The decision comes after a months-long dispute over OMEGA X’s contracts, following allegations that SPIRE Entertainment’s ex-CEO Kang Seong-hee had verbally abused and manhandled members of the boyband.


“OMEGA X and SPIRE Entertainment reached an amicable and mutual agreement to terminate our exclusive contract after careful and lengthy discussions,” the boyband said in its statement, as translated by Soompi.

OMEGA X added: “As a result, [we] decided to end all disputes with our former agency SPIRE Entertainment, and we agreed to work for the development of K-pop in our respective positions.”

The official termination of OMEGA X’s contracts comes nearly four months after the boyband had won their lawsuit against SPIRE Entertainment to suspend their contracts with the agency.

OMEGA X’s legal counsel had previously stated plans to press charges against SPIRE Entertainment’s former CEO Kang for allegedly “threatening, assaulting and exploiting the members”.

Allegations that Kang had abused OMEGA X first surfaced in October 2022, when SBS News published a number of video clips said to depict Kang verbally abusing and manhandling members of the group.


Shortly after these clips went viral, the band launched a new, independent Instagram account, where they claimed they were subject to “unwarranted treatment” from SPIRE.

Kang nor SPIRE Entertainment have yet to comment on OMEGA X’s announcement that they have terminated their contracts with the K-pop agency.

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