Dua Lipa on how her “surreal” meeting with Chris Martin led to ‘Homesick’

"I just watched him dancing around the room"

Dua Lipa has told the full story behind her collaboration with Coldplay‘s Chris Martin which resulted in her 2017 ballad ‘Homesick’.

Speaking to Billboard, Lipa revealed that she had named Martin as her dream collaboration “kind of jokingly” in a planning meeting, and was encouraged to send the Coldplay frontman some of her work by a woman who had worked with the band.

“I just thought she was being polite!” Lipa said. “I sent some unreleased tracks from my album then I get an email going ‘Oh, Chris really likes your stuff, why don’t you pop down to his studio in Malibu?”


“I basically just played him everything I had, and I just watched him dancing around the room,” she continued. “Writing down the titles of songs, just listening to everything and being really attentive, that was pretty surreal.”

She added: “He really liked ‘New Rules’ and I had lots of notes either on my phone or my laptop, and he was looking at some stuff I was writing and on the side he could see I had ‘album two ideas’, and ‘album three ideas’ and he was like ‘oh so you’re already thinking about what you want to do next? Let’s write another one for your album!

“The second he started playing I was like ‘oh my God, this is Coldplay! It was crazy because I’ve listened to Coldplay and Chris’ music my whole life.”

Lipa also expanded on what the song means to her personally, and how it reminds her of her home in London. “I always miss home and I always miss the rain,” she said.

“It’s only when it rains in L.A. when I go, ‘Oh, this is what London feels like and this is the part where I love it the most because I feel like there’s a tiny bit of home that I get to carry with me every time that it rains,’” she continued.


“The whole song is really about the sacrifice that you make spending so much time away from all your loved ones and your friends and your family to live your dream and do what you love.”

Recently Dua Lipa  revealed that she’d most love to work with PinkFrank Ocean and Alicia Keys next.

“There are just so many artists that I admire so much and I feel like something that I want to do with collaborations is always try and work with people who do something maybe a bit more different to what I do or something that would bring something new to the table,” she said.

Meanwhile, Chris Martin is gearing up for the release of a huge new Coldplay documentary, titled ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’.

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