Peta criticises One Direction for featuring chimp in new ‘Steal My Girl’ video

Charity takes out full-page advert in entertainment magazine

Animal rights group Peta is mounting pressure on One Direction for featuring a sunglasses-wearing chimp in the video for their new single ‘Steal My Girl’.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has taken out a full-page ad in entertainment magazine The Hollywood Reporter addressing the boy band’s decision and highlighting the alleged poor treatment of animals on set.

“Most people don’t know that wild animals used in film and television are routinely subjected to abusive training methods, such as beatings, electric shocks, psychological torment, and food deprivation,” the ad reads.


Titled “‘No animals were harmed’, really One Direction?”, it follows claims that the band used a chimp trainer who has been accused of mistreating animals in the past.

On its blog, the charity adds: “One Direction broke our hearts last week when reports came in that the band used a live chimpanzee while filming their music video for ‘Steal My Girl’. Other wild animals were also used, and they all came from the infamous Steve Martin’s Working Wildlife.

“Compassionate Directioners everywhere quickly took to Facebook and Twitter, calling on the band to cut scenes featuring the chimpanzee from the video. Spoiler alert: They didn’t.”

Peta Foundation deputy general counsel Delcianna Winders said: “Peta’s ad reminds Hollywood of what they won’t see on set—that baby apes are torn from their mothers at birth, abused during training, and then discarded at decrepit facilities.”

Last week, it was announced that One Direction will be performing at next month’s inaugural BBC Music Awards, along with Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and Calvin Harris.

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