Harry Styles solo material will ‘blow socks off the world’

Co-writer Johnny McDaid talks about One Direction star's future career

One Direction‘s Harry Styles is working on songs which will “blow the socks off the world”, says co-writer Johnny McDaid.

Snow Patrol’s McDaid (pictured below with partner Courtney Cox) has been collaborating with Styles “for years”, backing up long-standing rumours that the boyband member has been looking to strike out on own for some time.

“I’m really excited by the way he’s sounding at the minute, he’s such a talent,” he told the Press Association. “I think the world is going to be really shocked at what he comes up with.”


Speaking about how the pair write together, McDaid added: “We do the guerrilla thing,” he says. “I’ve never been in a studio with Harry, we tend to just hang out at his house or mine, or we’ll meet somewhere and set up in a living room.

“It’s just the way he likes to do it and the way I like to do it, so it means that we can order takeaway and kick up ideas.”

This follows recent news that Styles has registered four new songs for a potential solo album.

Styles was reported to have registered the tracks, called ‘Already Home’, ‘Coco’, ‘Endlessly’ and ‘5378 Miles’, with the performing rights organisation ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. McDaid was credited with co-writing all of these songs.

One Direction have been on an indefinite hiatus since their farewell performance on The X Factor on December 13. In addition to solo material, Styles will also appear in upcoming Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk.

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