One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson to charge £250 for selfie

Idea is part of the boyband member's scheme to raise money for Doncaster Rovers

One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson is to charge fans £250 to take a selfie with him.

The scheme is one of the ways the singer hopes to raise money for Doncaster Rovers, the football team he took over with the club’s former owner John Ryan last week. The pair want to raise £2m to buy new players to eventually get the side into the Premier League via a crowdfunding project.

As well as a selfie with Tomlinson, fans can bid £500 to have their picture taken with him and the rest of the first team squad. For £10,000 the singer will take part in a 5-a-side game with his “celebrity pals”, according to the trusts’ website.

“I want to see the Doncaster Rovers supporters get the club the success it deserves. I grew up in Doncaster and have felt the love for football run through the town, it’s for that reason that I have a real personal passion to make Doncaster Rovers a success story,” Tomlinson said in a statement.

Tomlinson was recently involved in a minor scandal following the emergence of a video which seems to show him and his bandmate Zayn Malik smoking a “joint” in the back of a car. It is claimed that the video was filmed on April 27 while the singers were being driven through Lima, Peru on their way to a gig at the Estadio Nacional. The five-minute video appears to be filmed by Tomlinson, who is heard saying, “So here we are, leaving Peru. Joint lit. Happy days!” It is not illegal to possess a small amount of cannabis in Peru. The rest of the band are not present in the video.