One Direction fans warned they could be turned away from gigs due to age restrictions

Sunderland's Stadium Of Light says it will not alow under-12s to enter if they have a standing ticket

Young One Direction fans are being warned that they could be turned away from gigs because of strict age limits.

Fans who have bought tickets for the band’s show at Sunderland’s Stadium Of Light have been warned that the venue will not permit under-12s to ender the venue if they have a standing ticket, the BBC reports.

Anyone under the age of 16 is also required to be with an adult. Stewards on the gates will be checking IDs and will not permit fans who do not meet the age limit.

The venue says the restrictions are in force to ensure fan safety.

The band’s Where We Are world tour gigs sold out in minutes. The venue says that the tour is different from anything it has staged before.

“The age restrictions are laid down by the promoter to ensure the safety of everyone attending the show, which is a very different dynamic to anything we have staged at the Stadium Of Light previously,” the venue’s head of security and safety at Sunderland, Paul Weir, said.

Fans are advised to contact their booking agent if they have the wrong tickets.