One Direction beat Cliff Richard’s top-selling calendar record

The pop stars have tipped the crooner of the top spot on Amazon's chart

One Direction have beaten Cliff Richard’s record as the top-selling celebrity calendar.

Sir Cliff had previously topped calendar sales on every year since the online retailer launched in 1998. However, in 2012 the boy band had doubled his sales in the space of three years.

Xavier Garambois, vice president of EU Retail at Amazon, said in a statement: “Before 2011, no one could get near Cliff Richard at the top of the calendar charts but One Direction’s unrivalled popularity has seen them shoot to the top of the all-time bestsellers list, almost doubling Cliff Richards’s all-time sales in just three years.”

Cherly Cole has topped sales of female calendars every year since 2009, with Kylie coming in second place.

The top five bestselling male celebrity calendars of all time on

1. One Direction
2. Cliff Richard
3. Take That
4. Justin Bieber
5. Olly Murs

The top five bestselling female celebrity calendars of all time on

1. Cheryl Cole
2. Kylie Minogue
3. Kelly Brook
4. Girls Aloud
5. Madonna

Last month, One Direction fans were warned to keep away from the Australian hotel the band were staying in over fears that they might be bitten by snakes. The band’s Louis Payne tweeted a warning to obsessive fans of the group, who were camped out behind the hotel after playing a gig in Adelaide. Payne, who was alarmed that people were flaunting signs warning them that they were near a ‘snake habitat’, wrote a series of Tweets telling them that he was worried that “someone’s gunna get hurt”.