One Direction: ‘We’re like The Beatles’

Boyband compare their Stateside success to the Fab Four in their heyday

One Direction have claimed they see similarities between themselves and The Beatles.

The boyband, who have enjoyed huge success in the US charts this year after they became the first UK act to score a Billboard Number One with their debut album, tell the Daily Star, their Stateside experiences remind them of The Beatles.

The band’s Harry Styles – who seemingly admitted last month that their new single ‘Live While We’re Young’ had intentionally stolen its riff from The Clash‘s iconic track ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’ – declared:

We watched that film of The Beatles when they first touched down in America and we saw a real likeness with our personalities.

His bandmate Niall Horan, meanwhile, added: “They loved having a laugh like us.”

Not everyone is as convinced of the similarities between the two groups, however: in March of this year, Paul McCartney dismissed comparisons between his old cohorts and One Direction and claimed that labelling them as the successors to The Beatles would be giving them the “kiss of death”, although he did describe them as “the next terrific band”.

One Direction, who were recently reported to have made £100 million in the last two years, release their second album ‘Take Me Home’ on November 12.