One Direction win legal battle to keep their name

The US One Direction will now be known as Uncharted Shores

One Direction have won their legal battle to keep their name.

The boyband had been facing a £600,000 lawsuit from a US boyband, who also have five members and were also known as One Direction. However, the case has now been settled and the US One Direction have agreed to change their name to Uncharted Shores.

Both groups have issued a joint press release and have said that they are happy with the outcome. It is not known if any money has changed hands to facilitate the agreement.

Simon Cowell’s entertainment company, SyCo, which looks after One Direction, had also launched a counter lawsuit, claiming that the US band was trying to make money from their success. This case has also now been settled.

Uncharted Shores, as they are now known, have said that they have received hate mail and death threats from fans of the UK group after the dispute was made public.

One Direction will release their second album ‘Take Me Home’ on November 12 with a new single ‘Live While We’re Young’ due for release on September 30.