One Direction reveal ‘most personal’ song ‘Love You Goodbye’ – listen

Band release new album 'Made In The AM' on November 13

One Direction have revealed new song ‘Love You Goodbye’ ahead of the release of new album ‘Made In The AM’ later this week.

The group release the album, their last before taking a break to pursue solo projects, on November 13. ‘Love You Goodbye’ was described by band member Louis Tomlinson as being “the most personal” song on the album.

“It was one of those moments when the song was starting to come together, you felt a real excitement for it,” Tomlinson said in a video interview posted by the band on Twitter. “Just the idea of the song is interesting to me. Everybody has that song after a break-up where you do have to see your ex again, and it’s kind of about that.”

Oh why you wearing that to walk out on my life“, the group sing on the chorus. “Even though it’s over, you should stay the night/If tomorrow you won’t be mine/Won’t you give it to me one last time/Oh, baby let me love you goodbye“.

‘Made In The AM’ is One Direction’s fifth album in five years. It includes the single ‘Drag Me Down’, which hit Number One in the UK and Number Three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the USA.

Following its release, the four-piece will continue their press and band commitments until March 2016 before taking a break.

Liam Payne recently discussed the band’s future following news that the group will take a break. The boy band’s decision to go separate ways after their current tour came just months after former member Zayn Malik departed the group.

Speaking to UK magazine Attitude, Payne ruled out that the hiatus is short-hand for the band splitting altogether. “I realise now this is the time to start branching out and exploring,” Payne said. “This won’t last forever, and there will be a point when we will break off and do our own things, but… we will work together again.”