One Direction fans fooled by hoax letter from ‘NSync member saying band are ‘fucked’

Comedy website Above Average recently posted an open letter alleging to have been written by Joey Fatone

Many One Direction fans have fallen victim to a fake letter alleging to be written by former ‘NSync member Joey Fatone that speaks negatively of the pop group’s future.

The boy band recently confirmed that they’ll embark on a hiatus from March 2016, following the completion of their remaining tour dates.

Comedy website Above Average recently posted an article addressing the members of the British group that claimed to be written by Fatone.

The open letter read: “Hey guys. It’s Joey Fatone, former member of NSync and current announcer on Family Feud, the job I’ve always dreamed of.”

It continued to predict the future careers of the singers: “Here’s how it’s gonna go down, fellas. While you’re all on hiatus, Harry will record some dope singles with Beyonce, Ryan Adams and Wiz Khalifa, come out with a killer solo album produced by Pharrell and Timbaland, cut his hair, dye his hair, do a second less awesome album, let his hair grow super long and wear it in two braids, crush a self-effacing cameo in a Judd Apatow movie, buzz his hair and release a third, self-produced album on which he hints at being bisexual that everyone will call his ‘best work.'”

“The rest of you are fucked. I mean fucked. I am the second most-successful former member of NSync and I am Joey Fatone. Say that outloud to yourself: ‘Besides Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone is the most successful member of NSync.'”


“Jesus christ I wish I was still in NSync. Jesus…JESUS FUCK! I would give all my hair to go back to that,” the letter adds, concluding: “Anyway, enjoy the next few months, One Direction, because they’re your last.”

The satirical letter soon went viral with many believing it to be actually written by Fatone. Read the full article here.

The Sun reported over the weekend that the group will disband this March after holding crunch talks in London earlier in the month. The report claimed that the four members – Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan – had mutually agreed to an extended hiatus to focus on solo projects.

Horan and Tomlinson have since clarified that they’re not splitting up completely, but instead taking a break.

Since the news, the group’s produce rand songwriter Julian Bunetta has claimed that the boy band’s forthcoming fifth album was recorded with the four members knowing it would be their last before taking a hiatus.

“There was a feeling of, ‘Well, we’re going to take a break, and anything in the world can happen during that time off,'” he told Billboard.

“It’s the first time of there being some uncertainty, of not having things planned out beforehand, since they were 16 years old. There was definitely a vibe of making [the album] the best it can possibly be, and knowing it has to last as long as it needs to until we make another record – if we make another record.