One Direction’s Liam Payne says group’s new songs sound ‘a bit Oasis-y’

The group are aiming for a 'long-lasting album that you can listen to any time'

One Direction member Liam Payne has claimed that the boyband’s new album sounds like Oasis.

Speaking to Capital FM recently, the singer said that their next album is “coming together really well” and that the new “great” songs the group have been recording are “kind of like a bit Oasis-y almost”.

Payne said: “The album’s coming together really well actually. The boys we’ve been writing with have come up with some great, great songs that are kind of like a bit Oasis-y almost, which is ace. I love that.”

“The songs have come out a bit more chill because I think we want this to be quite a long-lasting album that you can listen to any time,” Payne continued. “You like how Ed [Sheeran’]s album, anytime you can thrown on an Ed song and it can always make sense. We’re trying to do that.”

The news comes after Stephen Hawking suggested that there could be an alternate universe where recently-departed member Zayn Malik is still in the boy band.

Malik left the pop group in March due to stress induced by press speculation over his love life.

Despite the band continuing without Malik and recently announcing that they’re starting work on their next album, many fans remain distraught over Malik’s departure. However, Hawking has told them not to worry at a lecture at the Sydney Opera House.

With one member of the crowd asking “What do you think is the cosmological effect of Zayn leaving One Direction and consequently breaking the hearts of millions of teenage girls across the world?”, the famed scientist responded by joking “Finally, a question about something important.”

Hawking continued: “My advice to any heartbroken young girl is to pay close attention to the study of theoretical physics, because one day there may well be proof of multiple universes. It would not be beyond the realms of possibility that somewhere outside of our own universe lies another different universe. And in that universe, Zayn is still in One Direction.”

“This girl [in the audience] may like to know that in another possible universe, she and Zayn are happily married,” he added.