NSync’s Lance Bass says Harry Styles ‘has been ready to go solo for many months’

Singer claims Zayn Malik's decision to leave the group in March was 'spur of the moment'

Former *NSync member Lance Bass has said that Harry Styles has been preparing to leave One Direction “for many months” and that Zayn’s decision to depart the group last month was “spur of the moment”.

Speaking on Meredith Vieira’s’s talk show in the US, Bass also claimed Malik’s decision was “smart” and has helped raise his profile.

Bass said: “I host my own talk show every day, and you get some inside scoops – Harry Styles has been ready to go solo for many months. He’s been recording solo and he was about to leave. The Zayn thing was just spur of the moment.”

Bass added: “I think it was the best move he could have ever done, because Harry Styles is a household name. Zayn Malik – didn’t really know his name until he was the first who left the group. So kudos to him for being smart to leave.

“I think the guys are always going to be friends, they’re brothers…[but] the fact they lasted this long is a surprise to me. Hopefully the other four can go on and do a little more music. I see Harry leaving soon and I don’t see another One Direction album happening after that.”

However, the claims contradict those of JLS singer Ortise Williams, who said Malik had infact been planning his departure for many months. Williams claimed he spoke to Malik about leaving the band on a trip to Las Vegas last September.

“Zayn spoke to me when we were together in Vegas last year,” Williams told The Daily Mirror.

Williams added: “Niall did too. Zayn was talking to me in confidence. I told him he had a great run and to enjoy it. They are very, very blessed guys.

“It’s a very special thing and not a lot of artists show gratitude for that. But I told him to be himself and to keep going.”

Zayn quit One Direction last month after pulling out of their Asian tour. He took to Twitter for the first time since leaving the group earlier this week to thank to all those that have supported him.

He posted: “Wanna say thanks to everyone that’s been there for me over the last few weeks, love you all.. you know who you are x”

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that One Direction had begun planning their next album.

The news was followed by the first official press shot of the band as a four-piece, with body language experts claiming that the picture shows signs of disunity in the group.

In addition to his work with One Direction, it was revealed earlier this week (April 20) that Louis Tomlinson has started his own record label. The singer has already signed The X-Factor finalist Jack Walton and is currently auditioning for a girlband.