A One Direction reunion tour date briefly appeared online

Will they soon be 'On The Road Again'?

This week saw speculation arise as to the chances of a One Direction reunion, after an upcoming alleged tour date was briefly listed online.

Yesterday saw the eighth anniversary of the boyband, and an appearance on Ticketmaster’s website saw many fans raise their hopes about their hiatus coming to an end. Ticketmaster’s website briefly displayed that One Direction would be performing on December 31, 2020, at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. The gig also reportedly appeared on Spotify beneath a playlist to mark their anniversary:


However, the listing was quickly removed by a spokesman told the Evening Standard: “There are no gigs planned for One Direction currently.”

In the interim, many fans took online to voice their excitement. Many are expecting a full ‘On The Road Again’ One Direction tour announcement in the coming weeks. If the rumours are true, a 2020 tour would mark 10 years of the band.


Members of the band also took online to celebrate their anniversary:

Since their hiatus, members of One Direction have embarked on successful solo careers – with Harry Styles dropping his huge-selling self-titled solo album last year ahead of a world arena tour.

Meanwhile Zayn Malik, who parted ways with the band, recently unveiled his new solo single ‘Sour Diesel‘.

Last month, Malik told fans his second album was “on the way” and added that there would be a “few surprises” on the record. After completing the LP, he said: “It’s a bit different to my last record in terms of it’s matured, [I’ve] got a bit older. I didn’t know what was going on for a while. I was just putting out a record and not really being as prominent as I wanted to be.”