ONEUS take over an amusement park in ‘Bring It On’ MV

The boyband's seventh mini-album 'Trickster' is here

ONEUS have unveiled the music video for their brand-new single, ‘Bring It On’.

The visual opens with the members of ONEUS at the back of a van, with black bags over their heads. They are then transported to an amusement park, where they perform the song’s choreography from various locations.

Come at me, bring it on / Don’t block the path I take (Bring it on) / I will prove it to you in the end (Come at me, bring it on) / Baby, I’ll always keep it up / Go crazy, burn it up,” they sing in the track’s high-octane chorus.


‘Trickster’ is the boyband’s seventh mini-album so far, and features an additional of six brand-new tracks excluding ‘Bring It On’. Notably, rapper Leedo had co-composed and written lyrics for ‘Skydivin”, and contributed to the lyrics for two other songs on the record.

Meanwhile, bandmate Ravn is credited as a lyricist in five of seven of the songs on the upcoming EP, namely ‘Intro: Who Got The Joker?’, ‘Bring It On’, ‘Fragile’, ‘Skydivin” and ‘Firebomb’ – and was also credited as a composer on the latter two songs.

The new mini-album also marks ONEUS’ first domestic comeback of 2022, with their last release being November 2021’s ‘Blood Moon’ mini-album, led by the title track ‘Luna’. The song was also named one of the 25 best K-pop songs of 2021.

“With every iteration of the chorus, something new enters the fold: first, a dose of stabbing percussion, then, a rousing climax of vocal harmonies,” NME’s Abby Webster wrote of the song. “At times, ‘Luna’ threatens to trip on its own momentum or bend under the gravity and historic pull of its production, but ONEUS never waver in their tightrope walk and the result is nothing short of exquisite.”