Onyx’s Fredro Starr shares anti-coronavirus track ‘Fuck Corona’

"They better hurry with the vaccine/ Cos toilet paper got n***az acting like crack fiends"

Onyx rapper Fredro Starr has released a vicious anti-coronavirus track called ‘Fuck Corona’ – listen to it below.

The rapper, who has also starred in movies such as Save the Last Dance, Sunset Park and Clockers, takes out his frustrations relating to the current COVID-19 outbreak out on the Snowgoons-produced record.

Shit is real/ I’m looking at the news like, ‘What now?’/ Coronavirus got everything shut down,” Starr raps as the track begins.


He continues: “NBA shutdown/ Major League shutdown/ N***az on a plane getting tested when they touchdown/ United States travel ban/ My face covered up like the Taliban/ City on lockdown, they just turned the lights off/ N***az start coughing get sprayed with Lysol/ They better hurry with the vaccine/ Cos toilet paper got n***az acting like crack fiends.

Listen to the full track below:

Elsewhere, South London drill rapper Psychs has released a new track about the effects of the coronavirus on daily life, ‘Spreadin”.

Speaking to the BBC about the song, he explained: “I knew that if I’d done this in the right way, it would grab people’s attention… especially my generation.”

The songs lyrics cover a multitude of issues affected by the outbreak, including the postponement of the Premier League season, alternatives to handshakes like using feet, The Simpsons references, and flashes of humour: “Sneeze, but don’t get snot on me/ that might lead to quarantine.”


Meanwhile, Cardi B has requested to be paid royalties after she was sampled in a new track called ‘Coronavirus’, which subsequently began to climb the US chart.

The New York rapper expressed her concern over the current global pandemic in a video posted to Instagram last week. “I’m telling you, shit is getting real,” she said.

Days later, a producer and DJ called iMarkkeyz ripped the quote to use in a new dance track inspired by COVID-19. After being officially released last Friday (March 13), ‘Coronavirus’ crept up to Number 9 on the US iTunes Chart yesterday (March 17).