The Brat winning residents of 'Shorley Wall' offer another clue in the race to uncover their buried NME Premier Award...

Ooberman have announced their third clue in the treasure hunt to find their recent NME Premier Award which they have hidden somewhere in the British Isles.

The clue is: “They had a perfect soundtrack for the beach“.

The band decided to bury the award for a fan to find as a way of saying thank you to everyone who voted their performance at last month’s NME Premier Shows at the London WC2 Astoria as the best in our week-long series of shows.

The first clue was revealed here last week, and referring to their single ‘Shorley Wall’, was: “The moon is rising over the sea which can only happen on one British coastline. Work out which and you’re on the way”. The second was: “More dykes per square mile.”

After all the clues have been announced, fans will be directed to the Ooberman website [url=] where the winning contestants will be given a final clue. The winners will travel to a mystery location on April 1 where the treasure will be found.