The band are on a "path of experimentation"...

Ooberman have been working on material for a new single, tentatively titled ‘GHOSTS EP’, and are looking towards an autumn release.

“The EP was going to be called the ‘Ghosts EP’ (named after a song called ‘Ghosts’), but so far the best song is turning out to be ‘Angel of Bradford’, so it might well end up the ‘Angels EP’,” explained mainman Danny Popplewell in a posting on [url=]www.ooberman.com.

He added that since their split with label Independiente in June the NME Brat Award-winning band had been on a “path of experimentation” back to the mood of ‘good-natured defiance’ they had cultivated in their initial limited-edition releases.

There was no indication of which label the EP will be released through, although Tugboat, the label that released the seven-track mini-album ‘Shorley Wall’ in 1998, can’t be ruled out.

Danny from the band added that fans could expect a slight change in direction.

“The EP is gradually appearing thanks to a healthy dose of midnight oil (no, not the Aussie band) and maverick vibes,” he said, “I’ve written a spacey song called ‘Crashing Ellipticals’ which is dark and abstract. Lately, I’ve been inspired by bands like the Flaming Lips and Grandaddy. The Lipsters have an intriguing drum sound, all roomy and compressed and I like that.”